Quantico ZRTORCH 2
Season Two
Season 2, Episode 11
Episode Information
Premiere date: 6 February, 2017
Viewers: 2.68
Written by: Logan Slaker
Directed by: Kenneth Fink
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "JMPALM"
Next Episode: "FALLENORACLE"
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ZRTORCH is the eleventh episode of the second season of Quantico. It premiered on February 6, 2017.


Alex tries to convince Owen of the traitor amongst them. The recruits are tasked with getting an asset out of Germany but their target has a death wish. In the future, the terrorists resort to new means to gain information from the hostages.


At the Farm, Alex tries to convince Owen that Lydia is in the AIC, by showing that the dates and places of several of Lydia's missions coincide with deaths with suspicious circumstances. Nimah tells Leon to try and get closer to Dayana, so that they can gather intel from the AIC. Owen teaches the CIA recruits about extracting an asset, and how when he was an agent, an asset of his was killed before they could extract her. The recruits go to Germany, where they have to locate, secure, and extract their asset, as well as collect the asset's information. The asset turns out to be Owen, who did not use any CIA alias when he flew into Germany. Alex works on protecting and extracting Owen, who is almost shot by his ex-asset's son. Dayana and Leon are given a mission from the AIC to kill a woman they don't know, but Leon stops Dayana from killing her. Upon returning to the farm, Owen gives Alex a list of emails sent from Lydia, proving that she's in the AIC. Dayana contacts Lydia that Leon is unfit, and Lydia says that she'll take care of him. In the present, Will, Ryan, and members of the Citizens Liberation Front interrogate hostages one by one, using a lie-detector test and a list of possible AIC incidents. If a hostage confirms to have been in three locations, each one near the time of an AIC-related incident at that location, they are killed. Will and Ryan stop the interrogations when Leon is giving correct answers to AIC-related incidents, but is lying about being there when the incidents occurred. Alex comes back into the building to rescue Raina, and they, Will, and Ryan start directing the hostages to the path Alex took to get back inside. As they're leaving, Alex noticed that the number of hostages increased, and Will explains that the Citizens Liberation Front, after learning that the interrogations finished, have hid themselves among the hostages.



  • The title of this episode, ZRTORCH is a CIA cryptonym for a communications channel established between CIA officers and defectors. The defectors are associated commonly with foreign terrorist organizations or international espionage acts.
  • This episode features two songs from Lady Gaga's Joanne[1], A-Yo and Million Reasons.


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