Soon is the eighteenth episode of the first season of Quantico.


At Quantico, the NATs look into each other's background to determine who gets high-level security clearance, and in the process Alex, Shelby and Iris learn some surprising truths about Drew, Will and Caleb. Meanwhile, in the future, Alex contacts Claire Haas in order to find her missing friends and is shocked when she discovers what happened to Caleb.


Alex finds out that the car in which Shelby took Simon and Will was rented under the name Mark Raymond. Ryan and Nimah spy on Alex through Ryan's desktop. Alex asks Raina, who is no longer working for the Bureau, to distract Ryan by pretending to be Nimah. When it fails, she warns Alex, who is soon picked up by an irritated Claire. The Senator takes Alex to her home and reveals Caleb, who is now a drug addict. Claire guiltily tells Alex that she'll check him into rehab in four days, which is when her campaigning is over; Caleb blames himself for his father's death and takes the drugs to cope. Caleb sneaks out and tells her he will come with her, though his true loyalty remains murky. Back at Quantico, the NATs are screened for a comprehensive medical and fitness test and later have their security clearances checked; Iris does not pass. Caleb's and Will's attempts to infiltrate Sistemics go wrong, resulting in Haas being forced to beat up Will with Shelby witnessing.



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