The daughter I knew was a good person, but what she's done cannot be forgiven and the truth about her past should no longer be hidden. For too long, I ignored the red flags. Maybe she felt trapped. Maybe she felt she was serving a greater good, even at the cost of her own soul or maybe she felt, she was completely alone in the world. She may have deceived me and us all. But as a mother, I say this to my baby girl. Stop running. Turn yourself in while you still can...while you're still alive. Please, my blood.
Sita Parrish
Sita Parrish is the mother of the Grand Central bombing suspect, Alex Parrish, and the wife of the deceased and former FBI agent Michael Parrish. She is portrayed by Anna Khaja.


  • She is the mother of Alex Parrish.
    • During Alex's formative years, she was physically abused by her deceased husband, Michael Parrish.
    • Later, it was revealed that Alex killed Michael during one of his abusive periods against the family.
  • In Run, it was revealed that she is a heavy smoker.
  • In Cover, it was revealed that Sita made a press statement to the public on broadcast media.
    • In the statement, she mentioned for Alex to stop running and to turn herself to the FBI.
    • Earlier in the same episode, she revealed to Liam O'Connor that Alex spent ten years, outside the United States after the death of her father. However, she also added that though Alex spent nine years living overseas in India, she spent one missing year outside of India.
    • Later, it was revealed in Found, that Alex travelled to Pakistan and Iran in that missing year.