I know you think I am an adversary, but I am on your side.
Sasha Barinov
Sasha Barinov was a character who was introduced in season two. She was portrayed by Karolina Wydra.

Character Biography

Sasha Barinov is an award winning journalist currently working at The Wall Street Journal. She is intensely focused on writing the latest exposé articles on issues such as criminal conspiracy, political corruption and corporate espionage. Her motive to uncovering the secrets of many has been her driving force in the search for the truth. After her first appearance with Ryan Booth, she is able to quickly discern his real identity through a speedy investigation. The question remains, is she willing to risk her career to uncover more secrets?


  • Prior to her death, she worked as a journalist at The Wall Street Journal.
  • She completed her college studies at the Medill School of Journalism in Northwestern University.
  • She was a romantic interest of Ryan Booth.
    • In ODYOKE, it was revealed that they slept together.
  • IN LNWILT, she first appeared at a party hosted by the high ranking corporate members of the Gregory Investment Partners (GIP).
  • In ODYOKE, it was revealed through a conversation with Ryan that she had ties with the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation.
  • In KUMONK, it was revealed that she was killed by an explosion that was set off in her car.
    • In MHORDER, it was revealed that her murder was orchestrated by assailants connected to Alice Winter.