A woman bright, brave, and selfless enough to save our country from crisis not only once, but twice? That woman doesn't belong to any man or agency or bureau, she belongs to history.
Rebecca Sherman
Rebecca Sherman was a character who was introduced in season two. She was portrayed by Donna Murphy.


  • It was revealed that her role within The Collaborators is logistics.
  • In MKTOPAZ, it was shown that she is responsible for contacting all the members of The Collaborators.
    • In that same episode, she betrays The Collaborators for having threatened her family. As a result, she downloaded material about the vulnerabilities of the passport control system within the United States in order to run away.
    • In addition, she offers the Presidential Covert Joint Task Force the name of another Collaborator, Thomas Roth, who she thinks can get her the names of the rest of the Collaborators.
    • Whilst, she aided the task force in tracking down Thomas Roth during an operation, she was instantly killed by an unknown sniper. In addition, Thomas Roth also swiftly assassinated by the sniper.