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"RESISTANCE" is the twenty-second episode and the season finale of the second season of Quantico.

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"The Conscience Code"

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"The Conscience Code" is the first episode and the season premiere of the third season of Quantico.

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She has saved millions of lives, solved conspiracies and risked everything. Alex Parrish is sometimes on the Most Wanted list, and other times hailed as an American hero. But, "Quantico" is always a thrilling, heart-stopping adventure loaded with layered, engrossing drama every week.

Characters (Final Font)
Alex Parrish Character (17)
Shelby Wyatt Character (3)
Ryan Booth Character (3)
Caleb Haas Character (7)
Liam O'Connor Character (30)
Nimah Amin Character (11)
Raina Amin Character (9)
Simon Asher Character (4)
Harry Doyle Character 4
Owen Hall Character (4)
Dayana Mampasi Character 6
Mike McQuigg Character 4

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The Quantico Wiki is not affiliated with ABC, Random Acts Productions, The Mark Gordon Company, or ABC Studios. All trademarks, copyrights and/or legal ownership of items are property of their respective owners. This wiki is a fun, informative guide for all Quantico fans to use and enjoy.

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AIC (Group)
The AIC is a name given to a rogue intelligence faction of the Central Intelligence Agency, who were also secretly affiliated with The Collaborators, members of a shadow group inside the United States government. They are one of the main antagonists in the second season of Quantico.

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