I did what you asked. At the very least, let my wife and the other hostages go.
President Todd to a member of the Citizens Liberation Front

President Todd is a character who was introduced in season two. He is portrayed by Danny Johnson.

Character Biography

The President was initially intent on delivering a keynote address in the G-20 summit at New York on the issue of global surveillance prior to the hostage takeover by the terrorist militia, the Citizens Liberation Front. The group demanded the release of a person of interest named Eric Boyer, to which the President Todd obliged. Miranda later mentioned that the assassination of The First Lady, Elaine Todd after the President gave the pardon was a diversionary tactic. The real aim of the group was to gain access of the intelligence drives brought to the summit before the AIC, a rogue faction of the CIA group does, whose members are disguised among the hostages. Later, the terrorist group executed his wife and initiated a hostage crisis. Some time later, the CLF later negotiated 1,667 hostages for Boyer. After the exchange occurred, President Todd and many other hostages made their way to safety. President Todd later resigned from his position as POTUS and VPOTUS Claire Haas became the POTUS.