Sir, with respect, when the people you trust the most are all on one side and you're the only one on the other, what does that make you?
Natalie Vasquez to Liam O'Connor
Natalie Vasquez
Natalie Vasquez 33
Biographical Information
Full Name: Natalie Vasquez
Died: October 2016
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Blast injury; killed in an explosion (orchestrated by Liam O'Connor)
Home: Laredo, Texas
Affiliation: FBI
Occupation: Former FBI agent
Former NAT at Quantico
Former Texas border cop
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
  • Rosa Vasquez (mother)
  • Renata (daughter)
  • Unnamed ex-husband
Show Information
Portrayed by: Anabelle Acosta
First appearance: "America"
Latest appearance: "Clear"
Latest mention: "Yes"
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Natalie Vasquez was a former top recruit at Quantico. She was a trainee who had a rivalry with Alex. Later in the events of her training, she got a temporary leave of absence. Prior to the future timeline of Run, she graduated from the academy and became an FBI agent. At the end of Clear, it was revealed that Natalie died from an explosion that was set off by Liam, killing her in the process. She was portrayed by Anabelle Acosta.

Character Biography

Natalie Vasquez joined the FBI after finding becoming frustrated with her career as a Texas border cop. She’s a bad-ass and she has the scars to prove it. Vasquez is a great shot, a tough fighter, and a brutal competitor; she isn’t content with being second best. Vasquez made no attempt to hide her obvious contempt and competitiveness with Alex Parrish from day one, making her the perfect agent to hunt down the suspected terrorist. But Vasquez isn’t all that she seems – her life in Texas and her family situation are part of her inner turmoil, which is one of the reasons she pushes herself so hard. It also makes her a dangerous person to face off against. So what else could she be hiding behind her bad-ass exterior?

Early Life

Natalie was raised in Texas. Where she was a border cop and had a daughter there.


  • She is Cuban-American.
  • She is the first main character to die.
    • In Alex, it was revealed that Natalie woke up, with a bomb to her chest. Then, she decided to aid Alex Parrish in finding the mastermind behind the Command Center bombing as well as the culprit, who strapped a bomb to her chest.
    • In Clear, it was shown that Natalie died in an explosion as a result of the terrorist triggering the bomb.
  • She was a former girlfriend of Brandon Fletcher.
  • She was a former girlfriend of Ryan Booth.
  • She's in a custody battle over her daughter, Renata, with her abusive ex-husband.
  • Sometime between the past timeline events of Yes and Run, she graduated from Quantico and became an FBI agent.
  • In YesClaire Haas confirmed the status of her death to Alex in a conversation, following the revelation of Liam as the mastermind terrorist of the bombings.


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