The state of this country is the most precarious it has ever been. Not only are there more threats than ever before, but the majority of those threats don't come from known organizations or extremist groups, but our own backyard. A neighbor you grew up next to, a one night stand you had, perhaps even a family member. You applied here to protect your country from those threats and while your ideals and your test scores might have gotten you here, they will not be enough to keep you here. The FBI academy is the toughest boot camp, hardest grad school rolled into one. It is not college. It is life and death.
Miranda Shaw
Miranda Shaw
Miranda Shaw 31122
Biographical Information
Full Name: Miranda Shaw
Status: Alive
Home: Alexandria, Virginia
Affiliation: FBI
Citizens Liberation Front (formerly)
Occupation: Former FBI Special Agent in Charge
Former FBI Deputy Director
Former Assistant Director at Quantico
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Show Information
Portrayed by: Aunjanue Ellis
First appearance: "Run"
Latest appearance: "RESISTANCE"
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Miranda Shaw was the Assistant Director at the FBI Academy in Quantico. In addition, she was a former Deputy Director of the FBI. She is portrayed by Aunjanue Ellis.


Miranda Shaw is a woman trying to shatter one of the toughest glass ceilings – the one built by the FBI. As the Deputy Director at Quantico she is the FBI’s highest-ranking woman, and she wants more. She plans on getting it by graduating the best class of FBI agents Quantico has ever seen, and her methods are highly unconventional. It isn’t just the FBI that gave Miranda her tough, brutally intelligent persona, and when the trainees find out about her past they will never see her the same way again – especially Alex. Having bonded at Quantico, it is Miranda who is the first person to believe Alex is innocent, taking enormous risks to help her prize pupil exonerate herself.


  • She had a son, Charlie who passed away sometime between the past events of Turn and Yes.
  • She is African American.
  • She was a former romantic interest of Liam O'Connor.
    • In Yes, it was revealed that Liam set up the FBI up to believe that Miranda masterminded behind both the Grand Central and Command Center Bombings.
      • Once Miranda discovered he was the traitor, Liam shot Miranda. However, Liam was killed by both Alex and Ryan.
  • After the revelation of Liam's treachery in Yes, she was assigned the position of Deputy Director at the FBI.
    • In KUMONK, it was revealed that she left her position as a Deputy Director. Sometime later, she worked as a Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the FBI.
  • In Kudove, she and CIA Director Matthew Keyes sent Alex Parrish and Ryan Booth to infiltrate the Farm as part of an operation to expose a rogue intelligence faction inside the Agency.
  • In Kubark, it was revealed that she is conspiring with the Citizens Liberation Front.
    • In Lipstick, it was revealed that she was a member of the CLF due to telling one of its members that Alex was inside the zone.
      • In Kubark, Miranda fully revealed to Boyer that she was a respresentative of the CLF.
    • In EPICSHELTER, Miranda revealed that she joined the CLF to stop threats made possible by the AIC.
  • In RESISTANCE, Miranda is incarcerated in a federal prison due to orchestrating an attempted murder on Alex Parrish at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

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