Maxine Griffin is a character who is introduced in season two. She is portrayed by Krysta Rodriguez.

Character Biography

Maxine “Max” Griffin is an intelligent, passionate and fiercely driven founder of “the Roster,” a network and visibility platform for professional women committed to helping one another rise. As a DC insider who wants to change the way politics treat women, Max is not to be messed with – in her personal or professional life.


  • She is the founder of the organization, The Roster.
  • She is the wife of Clay Haas.
  • In LNWILT, she was mentioned by Shelby Wyatt in a conversation with Clay at Camp Peary.
  • In MKTOPAZ, she voiced her frustration as she realized that her upcoming wedding arrangement with Clay was used as a cover for a mission. Clay wanted to get information about Rebecca Sherman, so that he could expose her involvement with The Collaborators.
  • In RESISTANCE, it was revealed that she eloped with Clay Haas.

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