Season Two
Season 2, Episode 7
Episode Information
Premiere date: 13 November, 2016
Viewers: 2.75
Written by: Gideon Yago
Directed by: Steve Robin
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "AQUILINE"
Next Episode: "ODENVY"
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LCFLUTTER is the seventh episode of the second season of Quantico. It premiered on November 13, 2016.


At the Farm, Owen teaches the trainees about enhanced interrogation techniques, and turns the tables on his students by putting himself in the hot seat. Meanwhile, Shelby goes undercover. In the future, a new President is sworn in and Miranda makes a tough choice.


Alex tries to escape and in the process, finds the phone number of the terrorists' outside contact, who, unbeknownst to her, is Miranda. She only manages to tell Shelby the first six digits of the number, and is soon caught by the terrorists, who ask her about the drives. They bring in Dayana for torture; when they threaten to break Dayana's spinal cord, Alex reveals that Lydia took the drives and they leave them to find Lydia. Harry, Sebastian and León soon rescue the two. Meanwhile, Vice President Claire Haas has been sworn in as President, invoking the 25th Amendment. In flashbacks to the training at Camp Peary, Owen teaches the trainees interrogation techniques by having them torture him so that they extort his CIA alias. While Alex and Harry feel that they are going too far, the rest of the trainees believe they are not going far enough, and start waterboarding Lydia in front of Owen until he finally cracks. Alex is cut from the FBI mission when her colleagues are meeting without her, given her failure to gather information. Shelby must choose between going undercover and never seeing León again. After a car incident, Ryan receives a call on his cellphone outside the CIA training grounds. The unknown caller mentions that he has been selected as part of a secret operation.



  • The title of this episode, LCFLUTTER is a CIA cryptonym for the organization's polygraph tests.


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