You are wrong about a lot of things, aren't you. Well, if you think you can stop this, you're wrong about that to. I only wish you hadn't been here. Now you're gonna have to die too.
Jeremy Miller to Alex Parrish
Jeremy Miller was a character who was introduced in season two. He was portrayed by David Call.

Character Biography

Jeremy Miller is an author. He seems to have written some series of books that would allow him to know about secret governmental ops in the United States, but when it comes to actual execution, he hangs on by a thread during his short time at Camp Peary. In fact, it is because of another recruit that Jeremy even managed to stay in the program. However, he leaves the Farm after refusing to jump out of a jet as part of a CIA training exercise.

A year later, he was unmasked as one of the members of the Citizens Liberation Front, a terrorist group that infiltrated the G-20 Summit in New York. After he fought Alex Parrish, he committed suicide by jumping out of a building. It was later revealed that he joined the CLF to counter the AIC, a rogue intelligence faction of the Agency.


  • He was a former CIA recruit.
    • In past timeline of Kudove, he left Camp Peary, shortly after the beginning of the training program.
  • In Kudove, it was revealed that he joined the Citizens Liberation Front.
    • After he fought Alex Parrish, he committed suicide by jumping out of a building.
    • In EPICSHELTER, Miranda Shaw mentioned that Jeremy informed her that the AIC was real two months after he faked his death. After leaving the Farm, he was approached by rogue CIA agents within a CIA black ops division, who requested him to join their group. The rogue agents later attempted to murder him as he had knowledge of the rogue group within the black ops division. As a result, he faked his death and conducted a brief surveillance of the people at the Farm.