Quantico JMPALM Cover
Season Two
Season 2, Episode 10
Episode Information
Premiere date: 30 January, 2017
Viewers: 2.76
Written by: Braden Marks
Directed by: David McWhirter
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "Cleopatra"
Next Episode: "ZRTORCH"
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JMPALM is the tenth episode of the second season of Quantico. It premiered on January 30, 2017.


At the Farm, Owen teaches the recruits a lesson on the necessity of betrayal, with a mission of getting the Venezuelan Consul Gabriel Carrera to turn on his country. In the future, Alex is forced to team up with Miranda to save the hostages, while President Claire Haas has a plan to end the crisis once and for all.


Miranda takes Alex back into the crisis zone, where she meets up with Nimah. Nimah reveals that she was the one who saved her. While Miranda brought Alex so they could find Lydia and the drives, Nimah and Alex agree that the hostages should be rescued. Alex goes back into the crisis zone while Nimah holds Miranda at gunpoint. Meanwhile, President Claire Haas wants to call off an air strike on the crisis zone, but at the same time, wants to make sure that the people around her can trust in her to do her job as President. Claire wants Shelby to claim that the AIC (which Claire inadvertently helped make), is fake, so her paper can be considered false. Shelby refuses, and convinces Claire to call off the strike anyway. In flashbacks to The Farm, Harry pits Alex and Ryan against each other, as Alex revealed to Ryan that she had her own phone from the AIC, and Miranda believes that Alex may be an obstacle. They try to sabotage each other on a mission, before deciding to make up. Owen talks to Alex about the rogue agency, and reveals that he's not the recruiter. Leon finds Nimah at Shelby's cover house, and says that he knows that they are FBI. He says that he will work with the FBI. Later Dayana, Leon, and Ryan meet other AIC recruits, as well as their recruiter, Lydia. When Ryan asks Lydia about Alex, she says that Alex didn't make the cut.



  • The title of this episode, JMPALM is a CIA cryptonym for the withdrawal of clandestine officers from foreign based covert operations that aimed at removing major political figureheads in Latin America.


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