"I'm part of a pilot program where one of me comes and trains with the CIA, one of them goes and trains in London. It's kind of like a foreign exchange, if you will."
—Harry Doyle to Ryan Booth
Harry Doyle is a former MI6 agent who participated in an exchange program between the Secret Intelligence Service and the CIA. Later, he was given an opportunity to train as a CIA recruit at The Farm. He is introduced in season two. He is portrayed by Russell Tovey.

Character Biography

Part Thomas Crown, part grown-up Artful Dodger, the mysterious Harry can be anything to anybody—and is just as likely to seduce your husband as he is to pick his pocket when it's over.


Harry is intelligent and is considered to be one of the most capable agents within the British Secret Intelligence Service. Although, he is misunderstood by many, Harry will often surprise people with his stern determination in completing an operation. In various cases, he will go to any lengths to finish a mission including using his trade-craft, intellect, wit and charm to gain information from his espionage targets.


  • He is the second LGBT male character of the series.
  • He is a former romantic interest of Sebastian Chen.
  • He is a former MI6 agent.
    • In FALLENORACLE, it was revealed that his first boyfriend Elliot Bishop committed suicide by stabbing himself to death in an act of extreme self-hatred. Later, it was highlighted that he couldn’t bring himself to tell his powerful, religious and oppressive father that he was gay.
  • In Stescalade, he was seen talking to Will Olsen at a bar.
  • In ODENVY, he traveled back to London to discuss the details of his mission at Camp Peary with his handler, Charlotte Bishop.
  • He is a former CIA recruit.
    • In KMFORGET, it was revealed that he was part of a pilot program between the CIA and the British Secret Intelligence Service. In addition, his ranking was also revealed. He is a senior operative with a Rank 2 designation which is equivalent to a CR-2 pay grade within the SIS.
    • In EPICSHELTER, it was revealed that he was pulled off from the pilot program at Camp Peary. Sometime after, he landed on an opportunity to attend the 2018 G-20 summit in New York. He previously mentioned that he was invited into the summit as a British delegate. However, this was later revealed to a lie.
      • In LNWILT, he fully disclosed to Alex about his employment being terminated with the agency after exposing sensitive information from his mission at Camp Peary and that he gained employment at Barclays as a private security expert shortly before the 2018 Hostage Crisis.
  • In MOCKINGBIRD, it was revealed that Clay Haas gave him an opportunity to join the Presidential Covert Joint Task Force.

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