Quantico Fallenoracle
Season Two
Season 2, Episode 12
Episode Information
Premiere date: 13 February, 2017
Viewers: 2.43
Written by: Jordon Nardino and Justin Brenneman
Directed by: Ralph Hemecker
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "ZRTORCH"
Next Episode: "EPICSHELTER"
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FALLENORACLE is the twelfth episode of the second season of Quantico. It premiered on February 13, 2017.


At the Farm, the recruits break into the NSA on a mission to delete all their personal information, but the rogue group within the CIA has other plans. In the future, the hostages strategize an escape via underground tunnels as a set-up to get the terrorists to reveal themselves.


While escorting the hostages underground, Alex and Will find one man dead and another missing. Will recognizes the dead person as a member of the Citizens Liberation Front, and presume that the one missing was AIC, who killed the CLF member. As they continue, the lights are turned off for a minute, and Will and Alex's gun are missing. When the lights turn back on, Carly, Sebastian's wife, is revealed to be an AIC member, and is holding Harry at gunpoint. She threatens to kill him if Alex doesn't hand over Will. Sebastian and Carly both shoot each other, leading to Carly's death, and Sebastian wounded. As the hostages reach the perimeter, the FBI locates the group of hostages, although Will is still missing. In flashbacks to the Farm, Owen has the recruits sneak in to an NSA building and wipe the data that the NSA has of them. Lydia gives Ryan an AIC mission of her own: to place a wiretap in the NSA. Alex asks Harry cover for her to find out what Ryan is doing for the NSA; in exchange, Alex gives Harry all the information the NSA has on Sir Laurence Bishop. Alex finds a wiretap, and puts a wiretap on top off it, so that she will know what the AIC looks at. The recruits leave without any problem, except for Leon, who was sabotaged by Dayana. Harry reveals to Sebastian that his ex-lover, Elliot, was the son of Sir Laurence Bishop, a wealthy man in the UK. Bishop did not accept Elliot being gay, and cut Elliot off from money and from seeing his family, unless Elliot agreed to married a woman. Elliot, not wanting to choose between his family and Harry, stabbed himself to death. Leon is kicked out of the Farm. Meanwhile, Lydia revealed to Ryan that she was not the head recruiter for the AIC; she was previously recruiting people like Ryan, Dayana, and León to an approved black ops program. She also mentioned that the man that he had to kill was a CIA operative and the hit was a test to ascertain their allegiance to the black ops division. In addition to that, the tap thwarted a terror attack. Meanwhile, Alex and Owen trace the tap to an abandoned warehouse. They find a lair of surveillance of people at the Farm, including Lydia. Once the two leave, the building explodes, supposedly killing an unknown man.



  • The title of this episode, FALLENORACLE is a CIA cryptonym for a secret National Security Agency (NSA) catalog database. The database is formed using the organization's signals intelligence (SIGINT) program. The aim of the program is to collect, process, analyze, disseminate, and store personal information of certain groups or individuals of interest. The information is gathered through social network analysis, metadata analysis, and target research via various hacking tools.


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