The most dangerous enemy that America faces is the enemy within. The traitors that play the long game, and they inflict the deepest wounds because people miss the warning signs. And that's what you are, Simon Asher, one big, flashing, warning sign.
Elias Harper
Elias Harper
Elias Harper (1)
Biographical Information
Full Name: Elias Harper
Died: July 28, 2016
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Suicide; fell out of a window on his own accord
Affiliation: FBI
Occupation: Former lawyer
Former NIAT at Quantico
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Show Information
Portrayed by: Rick Cosnett
First appearance: "America"
Latest appearance: "Yes (flashbacks)"
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Elias Harper was a former defense attorney that was recruited by Assistant FBI Academy Director Miranda Shaw to work as an analyst at Quantico. He was portrayed by Rick Cosnett.

Character Biography

Sometime after his recruitment, he failed an exercise and flunked out of the academy. Later, it was revealed that Elias was blackmailed to frame Simon as the suspect of the Command Center bombing before committing suicide. In the season one finale, it was revealed in a flashback that he helped the mastermind terrorist Liam O'Connor in capturing Alex Parrish and framing her for the Grand Central bombing. In addition, it was revealed that he was blackmailed by Liam to plant the bombs and frame Simon Asher for the Command Center bombing.


Harper is described as an openly gay, incredibly funny former defense attorney who used his rhetoric and savvy against FBI cases. Recruited by Miranda as an analyst for his brilliant mind, Elias is a debate-team type who loves to be right but also has a soft and kind-hearted side.


  • He is the first gay male character in the series.
    • He is openly gay.
  • He was a former lawyer.
  • He was a fixer, which is why Liam blackmailed him into joining the plot.
  • He was a former FBI analyst recruit.
    • In Go, he failed the bomb test. As a result, he was dismissed out Quantico.
  • He is the second character to commit suicide. The first was Eric Packer.

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