No. You can't give in. Don't do this to protect me. When you swore to serve this country, it was an oath we took together.
Elaine Todd to President Todd

First Lady Elaine Todd was a character who was introduced in season two. She was murdered on national television by one of the members of the Citizens Liberation Front. She was portrayed by Nadia Bowers.

Character Biography

Elaine Todd married President Todd and became the the First Lady of the United States. However, she also served as the head member of the AIC, a rogue, dangerous intelligence faction of the CIA. Originally planning to sabotage the G-20 Summit in New York City as part of an AIC mission, she attended the event. However, the AIC was stopped by the Citizens Liberation Front, who later beheaded Elaine and initiated a hostage crisis in an attempt to identify the rogue CIA agents.


  • She was the First Lady prior to her death in Kudove.
  • In EPICSHELTER, Miranda mentioned to Shelby Wyatt that the First Lady was a head member of the AIC.
    • She further highlighted that Elaine was the one responsible for bringing members of the rogue group to the summit in order to sabotage the event and gain possession of the intelligence drives. However, the AIC's plans were foiled by the Citizens Liberation Front, who later publicly beheaded Elaine on national television.