I need to know my team better than any of the collaborators that might come after them.
Clay Haas
Clay Haas
Clay Haas 1
Biographical Information
Full Name: Clayton Jacob Haas
Age: Early 30s
Status: Alive
Home: Chevy Chase, Maryland
Affiliation: FBI
Occupation: Former leader of the Presidential Covert Joint Task Force
Political advisory strategist
Former FBI agent
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Show Information
Portrayed by: Hunter Parrish
First appearance: "LNWILT"
Latest appearance: "RESISTANCE"
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Clayton "Clay" Haas Jr. is a renowned political advisory strategist. He was formerly responsible for leading the task force that was set up by the CIA Director Matthew Keyes and President Claire Haas. He is portrayed by Hunter Parrish.

Character Biography

Clay Haas, a renowned political strategist was assigned to lead the Presidential Covert Joint Task Force two weeks after the end of the G-20 New York summit hostage crisis that was perpetuated by Citizens Liberation Front. As a result of Lydia Hall's actions, President Haas has assembled together a covert team to reduce the national threats on American soil. The question remains, how will Clay lead his team to combat these external threats once and for all?


  • He is a well-known political advisory strategist.
  • In the past, he worked for a non-profit child advocacy organization. Shelby mentioned that the organization was the Children's Defense Fund.
  • Prior to working as a strategist, he served as a speech-writer to the current Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.
  • He is the son of Claire Haas and Clayton Haas.
    • He is the eldest sibling in the family.
    • His younger brother is Caleb Haas.
    • He has a sister named Cassandra Haas.
  • He is a former romantic interest of Shelby Wyatt.
  • He is the husband of Maxine Griffin.
  • In LNWILT, it was revealed that he was a former FBI agent. This information was revealed in a conversation with Shelby Wyatt.
    • Years ago, he graduated from Quantico.
    • His reasons for the leaving the Bureau is currently unknown.
    • In the same episode, it was revealed that he was assigned as the leader of the Presidential Covert Joint Task Force
  • In KUMONK, it was implied that he completed his undergraduate degree at Harvard University.
  • In RESISTANCE, it was highlighted that his former team members from the task force were able to implicate Henry Roarke by exposing his connection to the Russian Federal Security Service.
    • In the same episode, it was revealed that he eloped with Maxine Griffin sometime after the Constitutional Convention.

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